New York 2023


We worked intensively on our new piece You Are In My Everywhere
and shared a unique version of it on three evenings each at Gibney Dance Center Theater.

You Are In My Everywhere

is a vivid composition for three dancers and two musicians.

Where every space has time
Where each time has space
Where sounds caress words
Where words dissolve into light
Where light fullfills a poem
Where poetry comes alive

©Alice Chacon

Choreographed and performed by

Sarah Chien (USA) • Agata Grekorkiewitz (PL) •  Susanna Grob (CH) •
Sokratis Votskos (GR) • Caitlin Cawley (USA)

Performance Review, Dance Enthusiast

Contributors from New York 

Jolie Saltiel ( Associate Producer) • Sarah A.O. Rosner (Strategy Consultant) • Theo Armstrong (Marketing Assistant) • Lauren Hlubny (Advisor and Volunteer Coordinator) • Karen Kitchen (Producer, Gibney Dance) • Beau Banks (Lighting Design) • David Vandervliet (Technical Direction) • Yolette (Box Office) • Rennica (Marketing) • Alice Chacon (photos) • Jan-Peter Pedross (Salo Farm residency host) • Wendy Perron (Moderator of the post show discussion)

Supporting Collective Members and Gallery Contributors 

Vicky Angelidou (GR) • Alessio Bettoli (IT) • Francesca Caselli (IT) • Mirko Lancerotto (IT) 


At Gibney Second-Floor Gallery we exhibited limited edition photographs, poetry and film from the collectives uniquely collaborative creative process.

Thanks to

This project was funded through a commission by Gibney and community support. Agata Gregorkiewicz participation was supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute`s Polish Culture Worldwide Programme.


1 week Creative Residency at Salo Farm
Granville, New York
Apr 2023

10 days Rehearsals at Gibney Dance Center
Downtown Manhattan, New York
Apr 2023

1 week Multimedia Exhibit at Gibney Gallery
Downtown Manhattan, New York
Apr 2023

Performance You Are In My Everywhere at Gibney Dance Center Downtown Manhattan, New York
April 27th / 28th / 29th 2023

Post Show Talk with Wendy Perron
April 28th 2023

Workshop Instant Composition (Dance and Live Music Workshop)
Pier 25 at Hudson River Park, Downtown Manhattan, New York
Apr 2023