Ootherside Collective in Greece 2019

We are ∞therside collective.

We are an international self-determined collective. We create improvised dance + music performances using our bodies, our instruments, our voices and our poetic imagination.

We are constantly researching new ways to mantain collaboration across physical distance, to instantly compose and to build our dreams with the resources we hav. In our current form, we are 5 dancers and 3 musicians from Greece, Poland, USA, Switzerland, Italy and Aruba/Netherlands.

Since 2018, we have performed in theaters, streets, studios and amphitheaters in Bologna (IT), Bratislava (SK), Thessaloniki (GR), Drama (GR), Gdansk (PL) and on film during the 2020 pandemic. We have rehearsed and researched in old soviet gyms, town community centers, parks, theaters, dance studios, and in our own homes over video conference.

The cornerstone of our process is an annual residency tour hosted by one of our members in their home country.

We research, develop and perform in an intensive, residential format and often incorporate local musicians into our group. Our project is about performance-making, but it is also about collective self-organizing and mutual flourishing. We apply the values that help us create instant composition on the stage to collective living throughout our residencies. 

In our work, cultural exchange happens in all possible ways.

We play with language, we delight in incorporating aspects of each location into our performances, and we are shaped by a constant dialogue across our artistic disciplines and life experiences.  For each composition, we use time, space and environment to create a container for that exchange.

We are building something unique together.

Although we meet for intensive periods, each year is an accumulation towards an ongoing body of research, a group dynamic, and unique collective process that we are still defining. Beyond our residencies, we are committed to eachother’s growth as artists and humans.

We are in this for a shared future.