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Upcoming Events

Ferrara Residency | Jan 31 – Feb 10th, 2024

∞therside collective has been invited for a creative residency in Ferrara at Delizia di Belriguardo, a beautiful historical building and symbol of Italian Renaissance. We will present our newest work SPIRAGLI one range horizon. This project is realized in collaboration with Pro loco di Voghiera and with the patronage of Comune di Voghiera.

14-17h Workshop “Creare con il corpo Comporre collettivatmente”
19 Performance at Teatro Nucleo, Pontelagoscuro 

9 February | Performance, Photo Exhibition and Reception
19:00 Delizia de Belriguardo, Voghiera

10 February | Performance and Convivial Sharing
19:00 Borgo Vivo

Past Events

New York City Residency | April 11- 30th, 2023

Our 2023 research and performance residency will take place in New York City, NY, USA. The collective has been curated and commissioned by Gibney Dance and will present the world premiere for You Are In My Everwhere

Creative Residency | April 11-17th
At Salo Farm, in Granville NY

NYC Residency | April 17-26
At Gibney Dance Center, in downtown Manhattan. 

Multimedia Exhibit at Gibney Gallery | April 23-29th
At Gibney Dance Center, in downtown Manhattan
Open to the public whenever the center is open.

Performances | April 27, 28th, 29th, 8pm
At Gibney Dance Center, in downtown Manhattan. 

About the Work:

∞therside collective and Gibney Dance present the world premier of You Are In My Everywhere and the USA debut of the collective. You Are in My Everywhere is a performance that features three dancers and two musicians who will craft an entirely unique narrative each night. 

“Our choreography applies itself to the moment. Our moment in 2023 demands that we listen to different points of view. We are dedicated to manifesting the way in which different people create the poetry of the performance. It is and will be unique.”

The performance will be accompanied by a gallery exhibition of the same name, on view at Gibney’s second-floor gallery, April 24th-29th. The exhibit features limited edition photographs, poetry and video from the collective’s uniquely collaborative creative process.

Following the Friday, April 28 performance, there will be a short panel discussion titled Improvisation Then & Now, Here & There. Wendy Perron, author, Julliard professor and dance historian, moderates the conversation with members of the ∞therside collective. The discussion will focus on ways in which their work as a collective connects to the lineage of improvised performance in New York City, and where and how improvisation thrives today. 

Thessaloniki, Greece | Jan 2- Jan 7, 2023

∞therside collective returns to our 2019 residency city, Thessaloniki for a gathering of instant composition performers convened with Julyen Hamilton!

Jan 7th

∞therside collective, Julyen Hamilton & Guests

Studio29A, Thessaloniki

A one-night only, all-improvised group performance featuring the ∞therside collective, local Greek musicians, Julyen Hamilton and invited guests.

This ∞therside Collective residency is funded by the European Union, Culture Moves Europe & Goethe Institute. Produced by Pocket dance festival & ∞therside Collective. Supported and hosted by Studio 29A.”

9pm | Studio 29A | Tel.: +30 6973393122, +30 6984167521

Jan 3-7th


Studio29A, Thessaloniki

Pocket dance festival and ∞therside collective are inviting Julyen Hamilton in Thessaloniki for an intensive workshop. This workshop is part of the extended teaching of Julyen Hamilton housed under the title of: “THEATRE WORKS“.

WORKSHOP | Register: | 200-250 euros

Gdańsk, Poland | Oct 17- Nov 1, 2022

Our 2022 research and performance residency took place in Gdańsk, Poland. Thanks to a CULTURAL SCHOLARSHIP FROM THE CITY OF GDAŃSK 2022 (Zrealizowano ze środków Miasta Gdańska w ramach Stypendium Kulturalnego), our residency partner PIK- POMORSKI INKUBATOR KULTURY and performance space PLAMA.

22 October, 2022

INSTANT COMPOSITION- warsztaty improwizacji w tańcu z muzyką na żywo

17:00-19:30 | Pomorski Inkubator Kultury

Warsztaty improwizacji i instant composition (kompozycji w czasie rzeczywistym) z muzyką na żywo. Zgłębimy czym jest improwizacja w tańcu oraz jak korzystać ze świadomej pracy z ciałem w procesie tworzenia.

WORKSHOP | Register: | 100 zł/150 zł 

28 October, 2022

PUNTO- performans taneczno-muzyczny

19:00 | GAK PLAMA

„Punto” ( z włoskiego „kropka”)- sygnalizuje przerwę w mówieniu, zakończenie zdania czy myśli.

Wywodzący się z różnych stron świata i wyrażających się poprzez różne środki artyści, badać będą na oczach widzów czym jest przerwa i moment ciszy.


29 October, 2022

PUNTO- performens taneczno-muzyczny

18:00 | Pomorski Inkubator Kultury

„Punto” ( z włoskiego „kropka”)- sygnalizuje przerwę w mówieniu, zakończenie zdania czy myśli.

Podczas wieczoru badać będziemy na oczach widzów czym jest przerwa i moment ciszy. Jak słowo, gest, ruch i muzyka mogą się wzajemnie przenikać, uzupełniać i stymulować. Zapraszamy na wspólna praktykę ruchowa, performens i wernisaż prac fotograficznych.

PERFORMANCE | Sugerowana kwota donacji: 40 zł

Italy | Sep 18- Oct 2, 2021

From September 18- October 2nd, ∞therside collective was in Italy! We created a new work during residencies at Centro Sociale La Resistenza (Ferrara) and AlmaDanza (Bologna) and teaching and performing throughout the region. Find us at our public events below!

24 September, 2021

Arte Nativae | San Prospero (BO)

Calling all dancers and musicians! The collective will facilitate a jam sharing ways to use improvisation to explore the relationship between their dance and music. Followed by a concert by Le Scat Noir.

JAM | Tickets via Arte Nativae | 18:00-20:30 | 5 Euros

25 September, 2021

Studio43 | Argenta (FE)

Contemporary dance and improvisation workshop for people with movement experience, age 16+

WORKSHOP | Register through Studio43 | 15:00-18:00 | 25 Euros

26 September, 2021

Campo Scuola | Felonica (MN)

In progress performance of When The Moment Is Right/Al Momento Giusto , our newest work developed during our Italian residency. Part of a shared afternoon produced by the Comune di Felonica, featuring three other musical groups.

Via XXV aprile 1, Felonica (MN)

PERFORMANCE | free and open to the public | 15:00

1 October, 2021

Paleotto 11 | Bologna

Full length performance of When The Moment Is Right/Al Momento Giusto , our newest work developed during our Italian residency. Outdoor performance park.

L’evento viene svolto in ottemperanza alle nuove normative in materia covid19

PERFORMANCE | Ingresso ad offerta libera | Performance 19:30, bar aperto dalle 17:00 alle 21:30

2 October, 2021

FerraraOff | Ferrara

Contemporary dance and improvisation workshop for professional dancers. Limited capacity due to covid restrictions- register soon!

WORKSHOP | 10:00-14:00 | 40 Euros

2 October, 2021

Arte Nativae San Prospero | (Imola)

Full length performance of When The Moment Is Right/Al Momento Giusto , our newest work developed during our Italian residency.

PERFORMANCE | Tickets via Arte Nativae | 19:30